State-of-the-art $100K Five-in-One home theater

Andrea Divirgilio / November 1, 2007

five in one home theater

So, we have seen the awe-inspiring home theater set-ups lately, including the Death Star Theater, Titanic home theater, Star Trek home theater, Indiana Jones-themed home theater, Goldmund Media Room, and the $3.4 million In-house cinema. Here comes a Five-in-One home theater, a state-of-the-art built by builder Aaron Vitale of Vital Building & Enterprises in his own home. The striking feature is a 35-by-45-foot theater space that rocks a large 144-inch Draper screen that fetches video from a high-definition Sharp projector capable of 720p and 1080i resolution. The room offers seating capacity for 18 people and there are four 42-inch high-def Samsung plasma screens.

Two Paradigm Signature S8 tower speakers and two Paradigm 15-inch subwoofers can be spotted behind the fabric grilles and to the sides of plasma screens. The high quality sound is thrown out from the Paradigm center-channel speaker from beneath the screen, and four in-wall Paradigm speakers give the surround sound at the sides and rear. Each screen comes with own DirecTV high-def receiver with DVR and there is a 10-inch Control4 touch panel to take care of the proceedings. Interestingly, there is not a rack of power amplifiers, but just one B&K AVR507 S2 audio/video receiver that pumps out 150 watts per channel. Oh, you are worried of the interior decor.

Well, at one touch of a button, all TVs turn on, the lights dim, the room temperature adjusts and TV channels are selected, thanks to the custom-engraved keypads at the light switch locations. The cost of all this flawless gadgetry is nearly $100,000.

via ElectronicHouse

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