Status Acoustics 8T speakers stand tall in the war of electronics at CES 2012

Andrea Divirgilio / January 13, 2012

The Consumer Electronic Show 2012 isn’t just about the event anymore. Looking at the plethora of products, especially in the audio and acoustics space, there seems to be an electronics war of sorts going on there. One of the premier brands looking to make an impression during this war is Status Acoustics with their flagship 8T speaker set, which they place as their premier product this year. Weighing at close 300 lbs in total body and measuring 6 ft in height, it mostly matches the statistics of a tough athlete, but actually is an aesthetically appealing set of speakers for the moneyed audio geek.

Status Acoustics 8T speakers

Just like the M-Audio speakers we spoke of earlier, this set of speakers have been given the dual cabinet frame, albeit with more generous use of exotic wooden varieties. There are actually 30 different kinds to choose from! However the present design allows for bass fittings has been placed in the lower end of the speaker, whereas the mid-range driver and treble cabinet get the upper berth. This has enabled complete cancellation of cabinet resonance in the speaker system, thus making better uses of resources at hand. On the insides, the hi-end fixtures would include the triple 10-inch high excursion aluminum cone bass driver, the 6.5-inch Beryllium cone mid-range woofers, 1-inch Beryllium dome tweeter, which would allow the independence to play any frequency of sound without getting interference from the other ranges.

Finally on the outer core of the speaker, the cabinetry has been done after undergoing thorough research on the properties of the different fabrics used. This would translate into multiple varieties of thickness and density for the 30 varieties of wooden fabric used. Since each of them process unique acoustic properties, the proper construction factor proves to be an ultimate decider when it comes to making the right kind of cabinet. Perhaps that’s the reason, why the Acoustic 8T is going to custom made on orders. The price tag of $50,000 per unit could only then be justified, taking into account what the discerning audiophiles would look for.

Via: Status Acoustics

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