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Stefan Persson | $ 28 Billion
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Stefan Persson

Chairman of Hennes & Mauritz

Net Worth $ 28 Billion
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H & M owner Stefan Persson
  • Birthday4th Oct, 14
  • Birth PlaceSweden
  • Marital statusMarried
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Stefan Persson, chairman and former CEO of Hennes & Mauritz, is majorly responsible for turning the Swedish fashion company into an international retail giant. Erling Persson, his father, founded the first Hennes store in Västerås in 1947. The company bought the clothing retailer Mauritz in 1965 resulting in Hennes & Mauritz which went public in 1974. However, it was Stefan Persson who after taking over the reins of the company from his father in 1982 led its exponential international growth. By the end of the last millennia, he had made H&M Europe's largest apparel retailer.

Today, H&M has become a global giant employing 76,000 people in over 2,200 stores spread across 37 countries with sales reaching in excess of $16 billion. Not quite known to flaunt his wealth and lead an extravagant lifestyle, the Swedish billionaire seems to have an affinity for property. In 2009, he purchased an entire village in Hampshire along with 2,000 acres of surrounding countryside for an estimated $40 million. He also owns an estate in Wiltshire spread over 8,500 acres worth $15million where he hosts partridge and pheasant shoots.

Persson is also one of the founders of the Mentor Foundation that fights against drug abuse among youth and has the Queen of Sweden and Queen Noor of Jordan among its trustees. As H&M chairman, Persson is known to run the company quite frugally. Only a handful of executives have mobile phone privileges and those travelling on behalf of the company do not submit expense for cab rides as well. Perhaps, the reason he has been able to transform this small Swedish company into a multibillion dollar enterprise and himself into the richest Swede by quite a margin.


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Did you know?

  • He has three children with his partner, Carolyn Denise Persson.
  • Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) was founded by his father Erling Persson.

Family & relationships

Stefan Persson Estates and Homes (3)

Sweden mansion

Stockholm mansion

A native of Sweden, Persson lives in the Swedish capital along with his wife Carolyn and their three children.


Location: H&M owner currently lives in Stockholm which is the most populated urban area in Scandinavia.

Mansion in Stockholm

Mansion in Stockholm
Swedish born businessman, Stefen Persson owns an estate in Stockholm city
Wiltshire mansion

Wiltshire mansion

Location: Stefan Persson owns a lavish mansion in Wiltshire which is a ceremonial county in South West England.

The property covers a massive 8,500 acres and is the venue where he hosts his partridge and pheasant shoots. The property is located on the outskirts of Ramsbury. In addition, Stefan Person also owns the Ramsbury microbrewery which brews Ramsbury Gold bottled beer amongst others.

Diverse View

Linkenholt village

Stefan Persson, the Swedish billionaire owner of fashion giant H&M owns 2,000 acre Linkenholt estate near Andover, Hampshire. He bought this estate for £25 million. The estate comprises of Edwardian-style manor house, 1,500 acres of farmland, a 425-acre wood, a cricket ground and 21 cottages leased to villagers.


Location: Linkenholt is a village near Andover in Hampshire, England with about 40 inhabitants.

View of village streets

View of village streets
Streets view of Stefan Persson's Hampshire village

Linkenholt village

Linkenholt village
Arial view of Stefen Persson's Linkenholt village

Stefan Persson Hobbies (2)



The Swedish billionaire likes to play Tennis in his spare time.


Golf is another sport which the rich Swede takes a serious liking to.

Stefan Persson Wedding (1)

Carolyn Denise Persson

Stefan and Carolyn have been a couple for quite some time now and they have three children out of their wedlock.

Stefan Persson Cause (1)

Erling-Persson Family Foundation

Erling-Persson Family Foundation

Stefan Persson established this foundation in memory of his father to support various charitable causes worldwide. The Foundation donated $39 million to Karolinska Institutet for the creation of a new assembly hall on the university campus in Solna.
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