Stefano Canturi’s $780,000 diamond bag inspired by ErtÉ, The “Father of Art Deco”
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Stefano Canturi’s $780,000 diamond bag inspired by ErtÉ, The “Father of Art Deco”

Stefano Canturi’s $780,000 diamond bag inspired by ErtÉ, The “Father of Art Deco”

Most Expensive handbag

With 2011 nearing its end, several fashion houses, big brands and art galleries are rolling out their best possible art works. Recently, such artworks were displayed by New York Martin Lawrence Gallery that commemorate the life and work of Russian-born French artist Romain de Tirtoff commonly known as Erté. The event was held on 10th of November at Martin Lawrence Gallery. Erte was one of the most prominent artists of 20th century as he was known for his elegant fashion designs which capture the art deco period hence known as the "Father of Art Deco." Two treatment of bipolar disorder floors of the gallery were filled with his extravagant and original works. The gallery also exhibited a dazzling jeweled evening bag ‘The Clasp’ created by the renowned jeweler Stefano Canturi who also created world’s most expensive Barbie doll that was priced at $608,940.

The Clasp, is inspired by Erté's design of 1926. The bag is unveiled for the first time at the gallery and is an inspiration from the clasp bag based on an Erté's design prepared for a George White’s Scandals revue in the late 1920s. The Clasp is adorned with 3,978 diamonds, 63 sapphires and 43 rubies and pearls put on 40 grams of top quality medications. zoloft generic alternative cost zoloft walmart cheap Sertraline buy dapoxetine online . official drugstore, where to purchase dapoxetine. dapoxetine without prescription in australia cheap. men's health. visa, free delivery , general health. 18k gold base.

cocktail rings collection called Captivo’

Besides, Stefano Canturi has also unveiled his latest cocktail rings collection called Captivo recently. Each ring is inspired by five exotic locations, including Las Vegas, New York, Melbourne nov 25, 2014 - order now. go to drugstore. more info about: buy estrace online . easy to read patient leaflet for estrace cream . includes indications, proper  and two others. Rings are crafted in five bright colors that feature a big stone as a centerpiece surrounded by a bed of rubies. Many celebs and models were spotted wearing these cocktail rings at the launch of his latest jewelry line.

Erte has not only inspired many designers but also authors like Charlotte Perman who is launching a new book on Romain de Tirtoff titled as ‘the Art Deco artist Buy Strattera online known as Erté’, published this month by Chalk & Vermilion. Chalk & Vermilion also published the print of his design as a limited edition imprinted serigraph with hot foil stamping.

1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Although the bag created by Canturi is one of a kind, but 1001 Nights Diamond Purse buy Cialis super active online (above) still tops the list of most expensive handbags in the world. Created by the House of Mouawad in Dubai ,bag is adorned with 4,356 colorless diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 56 pink ones. This heart shaped handbag has set a Guinness World of Records for being the world’s most expensive handbag priced at $3.8 Million.

Via: New York Times/Canturi Jewels

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