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United States
Net Worth $ 430 Million
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Born on: 18th Jul 47 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: American editor, publisher and businessman
Steve Forbes net worth is estimated at $430 million. Born Malcolm Stevenson Forbes is an American publisher. Who would have thought that this American publishing executive would be known all over the world? Known as Steve Forbes to everyone but is named Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Jr. has an estimated net worth of $430 million. People have so much respect for him that he was a nomination candidate, twice, for the Republican Party for being the president. Currently the editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine, a recognized magazine, and is also the chief executive officer of its publisher Forbes, Inc. Born in Morristown, New Jersey, no one would have thought that this young man would have a huge impact on that world. In 1966, Forbes graduated Cum Laude from Brooks School in North Andover in Massachusetts - an achievement which became crucial to Steve Forbes net worth . After four years, he then finished his studies at the prestigious Princeton University. While at this educational institution, two of his friend and him founded their very first magazine which is still in circulation today, Business Today. This glossy is still considered as the largest student-run magazine globally. In 2009, Stevenson University gave him an honorary doctorate in Economics. 1985 marked a new career for Forbes as he was appointed to become the head of the Board of International Broadcasting (BIB), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty by then President Ronald Reagan. He was part of implementing the 30% cut in New Jersey’s income tax over the next three years. The plan proved to be effective and was a major factor in for Christine Todd Whitman’s win over Governor James Florio. Forbes tried his luck as he run for the President of the United States in the years 1996 and 2000. During these times, he put up his Forbes, Inc. voting shares for sale and made it available for his family members. Forbes stuck to his plan of 1996 campaign which focuses on establishing a flat income tax as well as bringing back the 4.5% mortgages as well as term limits. However, when he ran again for the 2000 presidential elections, he dropped the two plans. Others say that his campaigning style was awkward which made him lose the elections. Due to these two failed elections, Forbes decided to head the magazine and company to which in return it augmented Steve Forbes net worth .
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Bedminster House

Bedminster House

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The Highlander, the yacht owned by the Forbes family was built for Malcolm Forbes, the editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, in 1986. The yacht was painted green – the colour of money – and Forbes used to describe his cruises as “The Capitalist Tour”. It hosted among others Ronald Reagan, Baroness Thatcher, Robert de Niro, Sir Mick Jagger, Liz Taylor and Sir Paul McCartney. The the yacht is now available to charter for the first time. Anyone with the means to do so can hire the yacht for £128,000 a week.

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