Steve Wozniak Signed Apple 1 computer set for auction

Andrea Divirgilio / May 7, 2013

It has been more than 37 years, but the enigma surrounding the founding of Apple Computers still remains. The same can be said for the first product the team made, the Apple 1 computer, which took computing to the masses for the very first time. For that reason we previously witnessed the $640,000 Team Brecker Sale for the Apple 1, and also the Christie’s $213,000 auction of a personal Apple-1 last year. For those looking to get an autographed edition of the computer, a very rare piece is set to hit the auction blaock, with Steve Wozniack’s ‘Woz’ autograph on it. This rare example was built by Wozniack in 1976, and is known to be in working condition. Team Brecker, which saw the record breaking bid last year, says that this one could bring in anything between $261,000 and $392,000 as pre-auction estimate.

Steve Wozniack signed Apple 1 computer, made in 1976

Though today Apple makes it’s devices by the millions, the Apple I was produced in a limited edition of just 200 units, out of which only 50 are known to be surviving to this day. Steve Wozniack, who was called ‘Woz’ during the earliest days of Apple, is known to have created the mother board for this one too. His nickname has been autographed on the interior of this fully functional computer. It was known to have been priced $666.66 during this launch years.

Steve Wozniack signed Apple 1 computer motherboard

Team Brecker Auctioneers in Germany, will also be looking to auction of the letter from Steve Jobs to Fred Hatfield, where he offers the original owner the option to upgrade his computer to a Apple II 4K mother board, for a sum of $400. The 4K meant 4 kilobytes, which was a high volume data capacity during those days. Perhaps these reasons will ensure that the upcoming auction on May 25.

Via: Computer World

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