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Steven A. Cohen Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 11.1 Billion
Steven A. Cohen
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Born on: 11th Jun 56 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Hedge Fund Manager
Born Steven A. Cohen has an estimated net worth of $11.1 billion according to Forbes listing as of August 2014. One of the most high-profile figures in finance, Steven "Steve" A. Cohen is an American hedge fund manager and is America’s 35th richest person with net worth of $11.1 billion. He also owns 7% of Chinese search engine giant, Baidu.  He is one of few self made billionaires who was born in to a dress manufacturer and a piano teacher. His association with finance began at an early age when he took poker as a hobby and often betting his own money in tournaments. This game taught him how to take risks. He was adjudged as the hedge fund king in 2006 by Forbes. Apart from being good at finance he is also known for his a high-profile divorce proceeding and a $14.8 million home in the Connecticut corridor that is home to many of Wall Street’s elite. Steven love to splurge on lavishes this like sprawling properties as he owns a huge 1920s-era, 30-room mansion and 14-acre estate, for which he paid $14.8 million in 1998. Another rich boy’s hobby is to collect art pieces him as he has around $700 million worth of artwork. He has also been ranked as one of the biggest-spending art collectors around the world. He was also in limelight for purchasing world’s most expensive Pollock "drip" form David Geffin for $140 million in 2006. Currently, Cohen lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife, Alexandra, and seven children — two being from a previous marriage.
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Steven A. Cohen Estates and Homes (2)

Greenwich home

Greenwich home

Steven A. Cohen bought a gigantic home in Greenwich in 1998, with estimated price to be more than $14 million. Cohen’s’ T-shaped estate was under major renovations and expansion plans after Mr. Cohen and his wife applied for a special permit to add around another 1,145 square feet space to their house.


Location: The plush home is located in Crown Lane in Greenwich, London.


Accommodation: Spread over an area of 35,000-square, the T-shaped estate features geometric gardens and includes modern amenities like an indoor pool, a basketball court and a Zamboni machine. The home’s luxurious interiors and brilliant architecture are enough to cause the wealthiest jaws to drop.

East Hampton Mansion

East Hampton Mansion

Steven Cohen has bought lavish East Hampton mansion on Long island for $60 million. 

Location: The mansion is located at the Long island. The area known as a favorite of other Wall Street investors, is mainly famous for its pristine views of the water ways around the place, and Steve Cohen's property is known to face the sea directly.

Accomodation: This concerned property is known to have 10,000 sq ft of living space, on an estate spread over 7 acres. It known to have a tennis court, swimming pool, high ceilings in almost all parts of the house, antique oak and limestone detailing.

Steven A. Cohen Cause (1)

Robin Hood Foundation

Robin Hood Foundation

The billionaire American Hedge fund manager supports the New York-based “Robin Hood Foundation” serving as a member of its board. Cohen made a personal charity of more than $7 million to the charitable organization, which works with more than 240 nonprofit organizations, to lessen the troubles caused by poverty in New York. The 1988 founded organization offers direct services to the poor people in New York in the form of capital grants, program grants and general support. The “Paul Tudor Jones” established foundation also attempts to improve the poverty stricken people’s earning power for long-term prospects.

Steven A. Cohen Collectibles (12)

Woman III

Women III

An American hedge fund manager Steven "Steve" A. Cohen began accumulating fine art collectables  in 2000, and over the past several years has become a well-known collector. His most valuable art possession is  one of the most expensive paintings Willem De Kooning - Woman III for $137.5 million form an auction few years back. This painting is an abstract which was created between 1951 and 1953 by Willem De Kooning and was originally hung in Iran until it was deemed "unsuitable" for public display. Back in 2002 he was listed as one of the biggest-spending art collectors around the world. Cohen has a collection worth $700 million of art work till date. 

No. 8, 1949 (Drip Painting)

No. 8, 1949 painting

Love for art and luxurious spending usually go hand in hand for the uber rich and Steven A. Cohen who owns world’s most expensive artworks in his collection. No.8, 1949, was painted by Jackson Pollock  and was sold by Hollywood entertainment magnate David Geffen to Steven A. Cohen for $52 million in 2006.  This painting is form Jackson Pollock’s Drip painting series that has established Pollock as a leading figure of new American painting.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Steven Cohen's love for collecting true valuable art pieces has been proved after he bought The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living which is an artwork created in 1991 by Damien Hirst. This is a unique artwork consists of a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde in a vitrine. It was originally created for Charles Saatchi, who sold it in 2004, to Steven A. Cohen for $8 million. The shark used in the artwork alone costs Hrist £6,000 and the total cost of the work was £50,000.

Self (sculpture)

Self Portrait

Cohen’s passion of investing in unique art pieces is clearly visible in his collections. Apart from Damien Hirst’s Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living he also possess Self 1991 Portrait by Marc Quinn. Self was sculpture of Marc’s head made using his own 4.5 litres of frozen blood. Self was initially bought by Charles Saatchi in 1991 for £13,000 and was sold to Cohen for £1.5m form an open gallery in London in 2005.   Quinn has made three more since the original, the latest of which has been bought by the National Portrait Gallery. Mark has decided to produce one of these repulsive yet enchanting sculptor every five years to display the ageing process. This is what he had to say about the popularity of his unique artwork "Well, I think it’s a great sculpture. I’m really happy with it. I think it is inevitable that you have one piece people focus in on. But that's really good because it gets people into the work."

Grotesque yet gorgeous!!

Grotesque yet gorgeous!!
The sculptor was first showcased in the collection of Charles Saatchi.

Madonna (Painting)

Madona painting

Cohen owns a painting by the Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch known as Madonna. It’s a highly unusual representation with exposed upper body and a red halo on her head. The color of the halo embellishes the navel and the nipples. Munch painted five versions of the Madonna between 1894 and 1895, using oils on canvas. The painting was bought by Cohen in 1999 at a cost of $11.9 million, a record till date for any of Munch's works.

Police Gazette

Police Gazette

There is no doubt that Cohen is one of the biggest collectors of art in the world. He has has spent hundreds of millions dollars to create one of the best private art collections. One of his all time favorite painting is a landscape entitled "Police Gazette” by artist Willem de Kooning, which he bought for $63.5 million from David Geffen.

Balloon Dog (Yellow)

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog (Yellow)

The Hedge fund magnate Steven A. Cohen significant art collection includes works of art by world-renowned artists. Reportedly, the Wall Street financier and art collector owns more than half a billion dollars worth of art. One from Cohen’s collection includes Jeff Koons Balloon Dog (Yellow), a ultra-shiny stainless steel sculpture of a dog in the shape of 10 balloons. The massive sculpture is installed at the entrance of Cohen’s estate in Greenwich, Connecticut (CT), US. There are a total of four Balloon Dogs valued at over $20 million apiece, all owned by wealthy art collectors, including Francois Pinault, who owns Balloon Dog (Magenta). 


Andy Warhol Superman Painting

Andy Warhol Superman

Steve Cohen’s art collection includes artwork from the legendary American artist Andy Warhol titled “The Superman.” The Wall Street magnate has bought the notable painting from the art collection of billionaire Gunter Sachs. The Superman was reportedly sold for $25m-$30m.


Popeye by Roy Lichtenstein (Painting)

Popeye by Roy Lichtenstein

Popeye, a painting by artist Roy Lichtenstein from 1961 is another notable work of art from Cohen’s collection. The animated cartoon art was one of Lichtenstein’s older works translating cartoon into art.

Jasper Johns ‘Flag’ Painting

Jasper Johns ‘Flag’ Painting

The Hedge fund billionaire owns Jasper Johns 48-star “Flag” painting from 1958, which he has bought from Jean-Christophe Castelli, son of Leo Castelli for $110 million. The Flag painting comes with a immaculate provenance and is one of the rare paintings in private hands.

Gerhard Richter’s oil painting “A.B. Courbet”

Gerhard Richter’s oil painting “A.B. Courbet”

Gerhard Richter’s abstract oil painting “A.B. Courbet” from 1986 is owned by Steven Cohen.

Le Reve painting

Le Reve painting

The Hedge Fund manager and incredible art lover, Steven A. Cohen bought the 'Le Reve' painting from the Steve Wynn's collection for a sum of $155 million.

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