Stevie Nicks | $ 65 Million
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Stevie Nicks Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 65 Million
Stevie Nicks
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Born on: 26th May 48 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
Stevie Nicks net worth is estimated at $75 million. With her mystical image and billowing chiffon skirts, Miss Nicks seems to have remained youthful through the decades and so has her 'rock'ing music. In an industry that is richly populated with male heroes, Stevie Nicks has done well to carve a huge niche for herself, being a part of multiple platinum albums. She has constantly been in and out of Fleetwood, an all-time best-selling band which rose to impressive heights in the 70s. There can be no mistaking the fact that Stevie Nicks net worth is almost entirely due to her musical career. She has seven, solo studio albums out of which 3 were awesome hits. About half a dozen of her performances have been released as videos and DVDs. She also has three compilations and a live album. All these, however, came after her successful stint of 13 recordings with Fleetwood Mac. The privilege of being a celebrity singer and songwriter entitles Stevie to tour extensively. She seems to have wings on her feet with more than 25 tours - solo and group. She owns a beautiful, 2-storeyed house in Pacific Palisades, California which is surrounded by wooded country, thanks to Stevie Nicks net worth. She also recently sold her home in Paradise Valley, Arizona for sale. The estimated value of that property is $3.8 million. The songster has started a charity foundation, Stevie Nicks' Band of Soldiers, which is for the benefit of the injured military personnel. Taking their motivation very seriously, she purchased and distributed hundreds of iPod Nanos, autographed them and gave them out to the soldiers. She continues this philanthropy even today. This act added charisma to Stevie Nicks net worth. She is not that brand savvy in her lifestyle but is definitely a brand by herself. Stephanie Lynn Nicks arrives from a lineage of music. She learn't duets and performed them with her grandfather in the local taverns. At sweet 16, when her parent gifted her a guitar, she composed the first ever song of her life - I've Loved and I've Lost. She met her boyfriend, Lindsey Buckingham in high school and they joined the band Fritz. The albums released did not become hits but were enough to catch the attention of Fleetwood-Mac, the England-based band. A self-titled LP released in 1975 turned to be a big hit and a precursor to Rumours. It was at this time, that she unfortunately suffered from a cocaine addiction. She recovered and came back with a bang through Bella Dona, her first solo album. She also released several radio hits and followed them up with Rock A Little and The Wild Heart. She quit Fleetwood in 1993 only to rejoin it in 1997. He solo career had soared by then with Enchanted, the Grammy-nominated Trouble In Shangri-La and In your dreams. Overall, she was nominated 8 times for the Grammys. All these became icing on the cake to Stevie Nicks net worth. She was briefly married to Kim Anderson before the divorce. As her quotes show, she is still awaiting her Mr.Perfect.
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