Store and serve wine in style with the Skybar Wine Cabinet

Andrea Divirgilio / September 19, 2008

skybar xVMNg 5784

Only wine connoisseurs can understand the utter importance of storing wine appropriately and at the correct temperature. Simply buying the best wines on the shelves doesn’t help. You also got to store it and serve it in style. That’s where Skybar steps in to assist you to accommodate and to pour your wines without compromising on appearance and function. Called the Wine Preservation and Optimization System, this cabinet houses three variedly chilled chambers to serve three different wines which are chilled to perfection. A small LCD displays the temperature that you can set. You can even choose from the preset nine chilling options. Another innovative feature is the vacuum technology that helps to preserve wine for about 10 days without any change in its taste. You also won’t need a decanter, as this cabinet is equipped with a smooth pouring technique that decants a perfect glass of sparkling wine. For $1,000, you won’t get a better assistant to take care of your collection.

Via: Acquire

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