Stringless Pleasure hybrid stereo-cum-shelving unit

Andrea Divirgilio / February 26, 2008

stringless pleasure

KEF, the company that has enthralled us with the Ross Lovegrove-designed Muon speakers and the lately launched KIT Instant Theatre systems, has now joined hands with Italian manufacturer Giorgetti to prototype a gorgeous hybrid stereo-cum-shelving unit dubbed Stringless Pleasure. The new unit has been designed by the architect Chi-wing Lo for the Creation 9707 project, which is a campaign to promote Hong Kong design. The special limited edition Stringless Pleasure is crafted from antique wood and festooned with precious stone dials, a slot load CD drive, and a concealed iPod dock. True to its name, Stringless Pleasure is an instrument without string and its ten decimeter long sound-bridge represents the ten memorable years of Hong Kong’s return to China. For now, there is no word on pricing or availability, but you can surely expect the Stringless Pleasure to pick on your pockets.

via CoolHunting

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