Strut’s hand-crafted iPad cases and wireless dock reinvent the charging system

Andrea Divirgilio / August 10, 2012

Turning the Apple’s sleek, sexy and resolutionary iPads into distinctive and personal luxury style statements have always been a task of prestige among its affluent and stylized owners. And, they have been taking the style factor to a different level with the use of luxurious and bespoke leather iPad cases crafted by reputed luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior Homme. Now, for the likes of iPad owners, Strut has extended the styling elements of its exclusive automotive jewelry collections to the iPad market, and has announced the establishment of personalized iPad products based on the proprietary wireless iPad charging technology developed by its sister company, LaunchPort. This newly established Strut LaunchPort line will include elegant and protective iPad hand-crafted cases which mates with wireless pedestals with inductive charging circuitry to charge your iPad wirelessly.

Strut LaunchPort  wireless pedestals

Strut LaunchPort wireless pedestals

A perfect blend of customization and technological innovation; the new iPad protective cases attaches to the pedestal using strong neodymium magnets that provide a secure mounting solution, even if accidentally bumped or knocked. As soon as the sleeve is docked, the LaunchPort inductive charging system begins charging automatially.

Strut LaunchPort  wireless pedestals

Also, the pedestal’s spherical base rotates, tilts and pivots to any desired angle. Further, the iPad case also utilizes an audio waveguide system to route sound from the rear-facing iPad speaker forward, producing greater volume and increasing clarity over a stand-alone iPad.

Handcrafted iPad cases

Each of the Strut LaunchPort iPad case has been precisely and skillfully crafted from jewelry grade stainless steel, and will be available in designer finishes including walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print and sparkle pink. In addition to the five standard finish options, the seven custom finish options are available, which require 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Scheduled to become available for purchase in mid-September, the complete system will be offered at $1,250, which includes a pedestal, case and accessories. Further, case and pedestals can also be purchased separately to create a multitude of mix-and-match combinations.

Representing a perfect gift idea, this product also fills a specific niche for high-end jewelry stores, and given the iconic status iPad possesses, this will certainly be an ideal new offering that is truly unique, innovative, and avant-garde.

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Via: StrutLaunchPort

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