Stuart Weitzman’s million dollar shoes gets a Swarovski makeover to mark 10th anniversary of her Oscar collection
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Stuart Weitzman’s million dollar shoes gets a Swarovski makeover to mark 10th anniversary of her Oscar collection

Stuart Weitzman’s million dollar shoes gets a Swarovski makeover to mark 10th anniversary of her Oscar collection

Women love their shoes. And, for those well-heeled beauties who generic Cialis Professional can afford to indulge into high-end shoes, the famed designer, Stuart Weitzman, known for dressing-up the celebrities for red carpets with his one-of-a-kind jeweled pair of shoes, has re-launched the million dollar shoes from 2002. Ten years ago actress Laura Harring wore Stuart Weitzman's million dollar shoes with 464 diamonds at the Academy Awards for her Oscar-nominated film “Mulholland Drive”. Now, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the million dollar shoes, Stuart Weitzman has revamped the iconic sandals for its 2012 edition. Dubbed the "Millionairess," the shoes have been given a Swarovski crystal makeover instead, with the straps featuring a crystal tear-drop.

Stuart Weizman million dollar shoes

Back in 2002, Laura Harring has worn the cheap Valtrex most expensive diamond stilettos to Academy Awards, and was accompanied by three bodyguards as the shoes costs $1,090,000 . The original sandals were adorned with 464 Kwiat pear and round-shaped diamonds set in pure platinum thread. So, in comparison, the 2012 edition is made of crystals and is priced at an affordable $595.

Stuart Weizman Swarovski shoes

After the diamond-studded shoes for 2002, Stuart went on to design a series best prices for all customers! prednisone price philippines . fastest shipping, buy prednisone 20mg tablets. especially for Oscars up to 2008. Celebrities like Eva Mendez, Carrie Underwood , Beyonce, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie have already chosen Stuart Weitzman shoes for Oscars.

Below are few of the famous names who were seen wearing Stuart's diamond footwear at the Oscars:

Laura Harring 2002 (Original miillion dollar shoes)

Laura Harring 2002:

Academy Awards Buy Viagra online glittered when actress Laura Harring first wore the Stuart Weitzman “Cinderella” diamond encrusted sandals. The shoes were encrusted with 464 diamonds.

Alison Krauss 2004

Alison Krauss 2004:

Singer Alison buy fluoxetine hydrochloride inactive ingredients in generic fluoxetine buy fluoxetine online no prescription purchase fluoxetine online cheapest fluoxetine Krauss who was then nominated for the film “Cold Mountain" wore Stuart Weitzman shoes. The pair was adorned with 565 diamonds and a rare, colored diamond.

Regina King 2005

Regina King 2005:

Actress Regina King who was nominated for film “Ray” appeared in shoes adorned cheapest prices pharmacy. dapoxetine new zealand . official drugstore, buy dapoxetine online. with Marilyn Monroe's opalescent Swarovski crystal earrings.

Kathleen “Bird” York 2006:

Kathleen “Bird” York 2006:

Kathleen Bird York in 2006 worn shoes encrusted with Rita Hayworth's rubies, sapphires and diamonds earrings. The dazzling footwear was originally crafted for the beautiful feet buy zoloft generic online generic zoloft northstar zoloft reviews of Kathleen “Bird” York and costs $3 million.

Anika Noni 2007:

Anika Noni 2007

Anika Noni cheap generic dapoxetine canadian pharmacy meds buy dapoxetine online cheap dapoxetine without prescription generic dapoxetine 90 no prescription  Rose who was nominated for “Dreamgirls” was looking stunning in 2007 Oscars as she wore Diamond Dream Shoes with 1,420 diamonds. The beautiful diamonds in the shoes weighed above 30 karat and reportedly costs a whopping $500,000.

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Via: Stuart Weitzman/ WWD

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