Subaru Impreza 22B

$ 43 Thousand
Top Speed
154.1 mph (mph)

Subaru Impreza 22B STi is an automobile manufactured by Subaru, in the automobile division of Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan. Existing from World War II times this company still produces airplanes and parts for the Boeing, besides helicopters and jets. After seeing the good response of’ Leone’ in the late ’80′s, the 4-wheel drive Impreza introduced in 1993 was received as a practical alternate to the big SUV’s that were popularized. Subaru turned out to be the second most resalable and affordable car. The Impreza 22B is a wide coupe produced in 1998 to celeberate the 40th anniversary of Subaru. Only 400 units were produced and all of them were sold in 48 hours. The price of this car is around $43,700, a very modest figure considering its rarity and performance. This car has improved power output besides having a unique color, hood, bumpers and bigger, gold alloy wheels. The fact that 147,833 Subaru cars have been produced just for the year 1998 bears enough testimony to its popularity.


The petrol engine of the Impreza 22B was stepped up with a 2212 cc capacity from its predecessor's 1994 cc. This generated a power output of 280hp and a torque of 263 ft lbs. This front EJ22 engine with a four wheel drive is mated with a 5 speed manual transmission. The top speed is an impressive 248 km/h or 154.1 mph. Brembo Ventilated Disc Brakes with red calipers hold the wheels in check. The closed deck with 4 flat cylinders engine has an acceleration of 0 -100 km in 5.3 secs winning many car rallies around the world.


The exclusively designed interior has soft painted panels in blue with matching suede upholstery fitted to the bucket seats in front. NARDI leather with subtle red stitching, wraps the steering wheel with elegance. The shift knobs match the steering covered with the same elegant leather and red stitches. White dialed meters indicating vital statistics (of the car!) form the backdrop for the steering. For security, these cars have the Clifford Concept 650 Cat 1 alarm system. Automatic air-conditioning and power windows-like comfort features have been thoughtfully provided in this rally model.


The 22B with a wide body measuring 4365 x 1770 mm is the most suitable car for families, having a seating capacity of 5. With a bold Sonic Blue color and rear spoilers that can be lowered, as also the centre differential, this car is a sporty, rally type too. Built in a compact sedan style, the size can be compared to BMW 540 or Alfa Romeo Dardo. The 17" arched wheels have gold mixed alloy that stands out uniquely and WR car type grill and front fenders. Cherry red emblem in front and titanium side STI emblem give it the stamp of road worthiness. Tinted glass and fog lamps are standard features in this racing car. A central air vent on the bonnet not only cool the engine but gives it a sporty look.