Superplexus spherical labyrinth mind-bendingly rivals da Vinci’s art

Andrea Divirgilio / February 16, 2010

superplexus 1

While we might think that we have seen the dawn of puzzle solving computer games, there are still the likes of da Vinci offering puzzles that seems would take forever to solve. Take this Superplexus Spherical Labyrinth that seems more like a mystery than a puzzle. This 3D spherical labyrinth tricks you into moving a 5/8-inch wooden marble through the immensely complex maze integrated into a complex network of chicanes, multi-planar hairpin turns, spirals, staircases and even a vortex. This 3D handmade plot took 400 hours to assemble 3- and 6-ply Finnish birch inside a 36″ diameter acrylic sphere mounted on a Jatoba base using stainless steel. On a good night, it would take a minimum of 425 precision turns of the sphere to get the marble from one end of the arrows-marked path to the other to reach home. Priced at $30,000, this mind-bending fun would not fail to give your décor a new life, even if it stays there after squeezing every bit of your brains.

Check out the video after the jump:

Via: Gizmodo/Oh Gizmo/Hammacher

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