Superyacht 006 aspires to be the James Bond of eco-friendly superyachts

Andrea Divirgilio / September 4, 2010

superyacht 006
The superyachts of the future are not just becoming bigger, but are also going green. The latest in the eco-friendly yachts comes from Zero to Nine Design. Superyacht 006 is a 43-meter concept yacht that boasts an entire 160-sqm hardtop fitted with photovoltaic cells capable of generating up to 20kW. Instead of using it to power the sauna or the Jacuzzi, the idea would be to store the additional power in dedicated 400-kWh battery packs and use it to power the yacht while entering or exiting marinas or when shipping through protected and uncontaminated areas at low speed. The designers at Zero to Nine are thinking beyond just powering the yacht with solar energy.

The designers claim the photovoltaic cells installed on project 006 will be able to continue charging when at berth with the equipment turned off and through dedicated inverters it will be possible for the cells to deliver energy to shore, powering the marinas or the local electricity network.
The project will have three diesel generators installed – two bigger and one smaller – optimizing fuel consumption when at maximum, cruising and range speed.

The architecture of the yacht is innovative too with a twin-deck owner area at fore and the crew area will be shifted longitudinally to be more amid ship and the guest cabins will be placed aft. There will be three crew cabins on the lower deck, one crew cabin on main deck and a captain’s cabin on the upper deck. The guest cabins have been designed to accommodate up to six people in three cabins. The yacht would also be able to house a tender of up to 6.5 meters in the foredeck.

The design will include as much sustainable materials as possible: from glass to paint, from lighting systems to furnishing materials to make it a unique project.

Via: Ocean Shaker/Zero to Nine Design

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