A superyacht owner commissions the Triton 3300/3 submarine

Andrea Divirgilio / February 6, 2012

The super-wealthy are graduating from superyachts to superyacht toys, and a personal submarine is the new vessel of choice for those who have it all. Though, it’s definitely growing in popularity, the super wealthy buyers are being highly secretive about letting the word out, and are actually invoking non-disclosure agreements with the submarine companies, the reasons for which remain just as clouded as the league’s of ocean they dive into. But, an anonymous billionaire to own one of the most talked about yellow submarines after Paul Allen and James Cameron amongst the known few, has chosen Triton 3300/3. As for this submarine, the name itself speaks of the depths, till which the vessel can go and word has it, that it is only the 3rd unit of the Triton 3300/3 to go into production.

Triton 3300/3 submarine

Looking at some of the features that make this submersible worth a shot, it includes a 3-passenger capacity, inside what is perhaps the largest acrylic transparent dome of the pilot cabinet. What makes it all the more exciting, is the obvious 360-degree view of the aquatic life outside, without having to worry about the structure crashing in even under such high pressure. Previous experiments have proved, that the depth of 3,000 feet hasn’t yet been a deterrent for this submarine, when it took a dip at that depth near Grand Bahama in December last year. Also, the shape of the body with its vertical orientation has been uniquely crafted to ensure, that depths of such great magnitude can be reached with rapid pace, and also re-emerge when the situation so demands.

Triton 3300/3 submarine

As for the rest of the design goes, sources say that the Triton 3300/3 is being built with a very similar design concept in mind, which would also be used for Triton’s 36000/3 model. The GPS interface with VHF radio is perhaps one such common feature. Though further details are eagerly awaited at all ends, but all indications heading towards conveying that Triton would perhaps emerge as a leading submarine maker, especially if they make units like the Triton 1000 and the 3300.

Triton 3300/3 submarine

Via: Triton/ Boat International

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