Surface Tension’s arcade is the arcade to choose

Andrea Divirgilio / September 2, 2009

surface tension arcade table

Since we are lucky enough to have freedom of choice, it is threatening (at times) to see if we are reaching the tipping point of overabundant choices. While this view might be food for thought to some academic underpinning, we are stuck in making a choice of an arcade in this overcrowded arcade landscape. We need something that could define a unique style, is one of a kind, suits your taste and at the same time contributes to satisfaction. For one thing, much of this effort can be seen in the new Surface Tension arcade table. The new table in solid wood frame with full toughened-glass top, anodised and silk-screened aluminium control panel, Happ concave or Sanwa convex buttons and a spinner, as well as the 2.25″ happ trackball, has simply brought choices to a squeeze. There’s just one thing that summarizes the whole: Don’t miss this, it might be your best choice ever.

surface tension arcade table1
surface tension arcade table

Via: ArcadeLounge

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