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Surfing Wave Pool in Dubai

Alberto / July 6, 2013

It has been rightly said that Dubai is a place where anything is possible. It is the city where reel life meets real life. Even a heavy snowfall can occur in the scorching heat waves that rock the place and jack up temperatures up to 50°C.

According to media reports, the newly launched “Wild Wadi Water Park” is the most recent and newest addition to the unending list of popular attractions that dot the magnificent Gulf city. It is a six foot high hip which features rubber and foam, with around seven tons of water being flown through a single sheet. It resembles a realistic wave effect to a great effect and is considered perfect for a range of aquatic activities like knee boarding, body boarding and surfing.


Reportedly the system is managed by a computer generated program that manages to diversify the all-round effects of the wave motions and its myriad characteristics. The state of the art technology employed by Wave Garden allows the creation of a large and customized range of truly authentic safe and natural surroundings. It seems that learning anything in the wave pool like surfing or knee boarding can at times be really frustrating and demanding for the human body. Apparently due to all the variables involved in the process, after some time it can put off a lot of people since they can easily get frustrated for one reason or another. It becomes extremely difficult for the body as well as for the mind to perform in such challenging conditions. But an honest sportsperson forgets each and every pain when the real target is finally achieved in these tough conditions.

Other facilities that can be availed at the recreational center are plenty of mouthwatering food and beverage outlets that cater to the demands of everyone throughout the day. These food joints act as the perfect balm for visitors who throng to the “Wild Wade Water Park” and enable them to cool off after a day’s backbreaking activities.

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