Susanne Klatten | $ 16.8 Billion
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Susanne Klatten Net Worth

Net Worth $ 16.8 Billion
Susanne Klatten
The Advertising specialist
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Born on: 28th Apr 62 Born in: Germany Marital status: Married Occupation: Investment
Born  Susanne Hanna Ursula Quandt has an estimated net worth of $16 .8 billion.   Daughter of “Herbert Quandt” and “Johanna Quandt”, Susanne Klatten was born “Susanne Hanna Ursula Quandt” in 1962 in Germany. As an heiress to the wealthiest and most dominant Quandt family in Germany, Susanne has a net worth of $16.8 billion, and is the richest woman in Germany and the 44th richest in the world. A graduate in business finance, Susanne worked for an advertising agency “Young & Rubicam” before taking courses in marketing and management at the “University of Buckingham” and an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, with specialization in advertising. The Advertising specialist worked at the “Reuschel & Company Bank” and the “Dresdner Bank” in London, under an assumed name “Susanne Kant”, in order to prevent her manager and co-workers from knowing her real identity. After her father’s death, Susanne inherited 50.1% interest in his father’s pharmaceutical and chemicals company “Altana”. The business expert daughter led the inherited company to new heights of success, as a result of which currently Altana is listed in the top 30 companies, on the German Stock Market. Currently, the business woman owns over 88% of Altana and a 12.50% stake in BMW and also serves as a member of the board of both the companies. An active philanthropist, Susanne has made significant contributions to the German political party Christian Democratic Union and was awarded the “Bayerischer Verdienstorden”, which is the Bavarian Order of Merit. In 1978, there was an attempt to kidnap the Quandt heiress, by some anti-social elements, which was stopped by the police. Susanne met engineer “Jan Klatten” while doing an internship at BMW, the couple married in 1990 in Germany and have three children. The wealthy couple owns a total of seven homes and stays at their Munich home in Germany.
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