SW Speakers brings the Magic Flute to bring their philosophy to practice

Andrea Divirgilio / February 24, 2010

s w speakers 1

Over the years of our involvement with high-end equipment, it’s been a routine to come across equipment that sounds terrific, however, it is extremely rare to see something of the quality that would outshine all that is terrific. S W Speakers made us realize what exactly the phrase “you hear what you see” means. Presenting Magic Flute, their first model after years of acoustic study and engineering, the Magic Flute is one unique loudspeaker design that would make rest of the loudspeakers in our “Loudspeaker’s Archive” look boring. Magic Flute audio is optimized to produce extremely accurate fluctuations in air to create a smooth, clear and roomy listening experience. SW Speakers as they put it has certainly succeeded in bringing their philosophy to practice.

Via: SW Speakers

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