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Swarovski crystal Studded Jewellery cushions for the world’s most beautiful homes

Andrea Divirgilio / October 26, 2012

Specifically designed to add the final touch of glamour to the world’s most expensive homes, hand-crafted home furnishing jewellery cushions by Britain-based Hédoné Interiors, which represents the dawn of glamorous soft furnishings, expertly crafted using renowned construction techniques and encrusted in the brilliance of Swarovski crystals, are truly the items for the likes of affluent individuals who demand the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. Hédoné’s Swarovski crystal studded jewellery cushions comes meticulously hand-crafted in London, and are completely customizable, featuring sumptuous high-fashion fabrics, finest Swarovski crystals and the highest quality Italian hardware.

Swarovski crystal Studded Jewellery cushions for the world's most beautiful homes

And, for the discerning clients who demand the ultimate in personalization, Hédoné also offers fully bespoke service with a specialist team available to cater for the likes of clients. Everything from the design, cushion dimensions and colour combinations of Swarovski crystal are meticulously tailored according to client’s unique and personal requirements.

Here, we have listed down some of the ultimate cushions’ for the discerning style connoisseur:-



Sophisticated elegance meets contemporary contours; the Orlov creates a textural contrast of pure beauty with its Swarovski pyramid crystal pave set into sumptuous woven fabric. Further, the crystal’s dazzling nature is showcased at its very best in an encrusted band inspired by the structural beauty of modern architecture.

Asuka / Yomei

Asuka / Yomei

Graphic portrayal of a timeless celtic pattern; the ‘Asuka’ and ‘Yomei’ have been designed as a pair, featuring complementary crystal formations meticulously set against luxurious duchess silk.



Born of the mythological wonders of the sea; the cushion Pellegrina is an enchanting enhancement of a classic quilt. It boasts individually attached Czech bugles run along the diagonals of luxurious quilted duchess silk to create a trompe-l’oeil effect with lustrous Swarovski pearls positioned at each of the stitch cross-overs.

Mondrian: Collection II

Swarovski crystal Studded Jewellery cushions for the world's most beautiful homes

Glamorous masterpiece with a touch of De Stijl; this is an adaptation of an iconic Mondrian composition. It features strips of crêpe de Chine in the characteristic De Stijl primary colors that extend into the seam from a centre weave framed in Swarovski crystal.

Bridal Cushions

The company has also designed a separate line of Bridal cushions to make for a perfect wedding gift. The wedding collection features exquisite materials and luxury craftsmanship. The collection features cushions wrapped in layers of delicately ruffled silk organza and are encrusted with decadent Swarovski Crystal trimmings. The details includes 90% Goose down and 10% Goose feather in the pad. The cusions includes “Windsor” inspired from the royal sovereign orb Windsor, “Sakura” from the mystical world of Sakura cherry blossom, Fioritura inspired from flowers to name a few.

The company has even designed a Swarovski ring-bearer pillow with museum-quality Perspex display box as an exact duplicate of the bridal pillow for your wedding day!

You can even get one even create your own customized piece of opulence to match your interiors.

The bespoke Swarovski cushions are just perfect for the homes decorated with luxury furniture like the high in design Rampazzi Swarovski crystal furniture, the diamond furniture collection by Edra, and the most luxurious Finkeldei Crystal Edition furniture for plush homes.

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