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Swarovski studded Baby Bathtub by Lori Gardner

Andrea Divirgilio / October 19, 2011

Baby Bathtub

All parents want to splurge on the best of things available for their kids, but not everyone is lucky enough to afford the most expensive items for their toddlers. On the other hand, it is not a big deal for those who can spend on a 24-karat gold horse worth $1.28 million or a Swarovski-studded toilet seat that costs $353,975! And for such people, designer Lori Gardner has designed a Swarovski-studded Baby Bathtub with uber-rich kids in mind.

The bling bathtub costs $5,200 and is available in all the Swarovski colors. Each crystal is applied by hand and the designer has used the best quality material to craft the body of the tub. The bathtub is not just for the toddler but can also be used as a beverage chiller for your party. Just fill the tub with ice and the bottles will be ready to be the part of the celebration.

Baby Bathtub

Earlier Gardner had unveiled The Diamond Bathtub worth $39,000. The bath tub was encrusted with 44,928 imported crystals that were applied by hand with countless hours of effort. So, if you are the one to spend on luxury bathtubs just like the billionaire Tamara Ecclestone, who splurged $1.5 million on a crystal bathtub then this might dazzle you.

Wayne Rooney's son Kai

We too can’t wait to see which celeb kid is going to make a splash in this one as celebrities are known to splurge a fortune on their super rich kids. Recently, famous footballer Wayne Rooney’s son was spotted sitting on a Bentley car seat. 1 ½ year old Kai was photographed by his mother on the Bentley child leather car seat that costs approx. $3,150.

Thanks Lori Gardner!

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