Swing Catalyst helps golfers improve their swing

Andrea Divirgilio / April 1, 2009

swing catalyst main

Launched at the 2009 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, the Swing Catalyst by the Norwegian company Initial Force aims to help golfers improve their swing. The Swing Catalyst is a swing analysis system that works by seamlessly integrating a force plate with video analysis software and an optional launch monitor. The force plate is placed in a tee covered with artificial turf. Video cameras record every motion and send feedback directly to the monitor and the instructor’s workstation. The golfer stands on the force plate and does a swing, which is then recorded by cameras and force plate sensors. The ball flight is calculated by the launch monitor. The video clip in the video analysis software is replayed and matched with the data from the force plate and the launch monitor. In this way, the instructor can monitor the student’s swing with great details.

The Swing Catalyst force plate comprises two layers – a sensitive pressure mat makes up the top layer and a bottom layer that is a 3D force plate. Since most golfers feel that video analysis helps them improve their game, the video analysis software has been developed to ensure user friendliness and great integration with the force plate and launch monitor. Moreover, the Swing Catalyst Tee is a classy piece of furniture. The Swing Catalyst is great option if you want to hone your golf-playing skills before actually displaying it in front of skilled golfers.

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Via: InitialForce

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