Swiss company launches world’s most luxurious iPhone collection
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Swiss company launches world’s most luxurious iPhone collection

Swiss company launches world’s most luxurious iPhone collection

It was just the Furosemide online celebrity necks, ears, or wrists wearing them, but now the phones are wearing them too: bling and precious metals. When one look at the collection in

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Golden Dreams has decided to unveil all editions of the iPhone cases in 3 sets; Desert best prices for all customers! buy doxycycline for fish . cheapest rates, doxycycline online purchase. edition, Gold edition, and the Full diamond editions, each with their interplay of rare fabrication and craftsmanship. The Desert Edition is all about luxury animal leather, crafted to look and fit perfect within your palm.

Golden Dreams Desert edition in orange

The leather used in this case is from alligator. Along with the distinctive pattern, zoloft consumer information. generic zoloft cost cvs . zoloft is used for treating depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd). 25 mg zoloft! it allows for buyers to get these in customized shades such as orange or black, with finishing options such as black chrome and yellow gold.

Golden Dreams gold series options

For those of you with a fetish for the precious yellow metal, than the Gold series is the perfect choice. Featuring no elaborate artwork but minimalistic perfection instead, there are 2 options which can be opted for, which sport mirrors like finishing at the back.They include the 24-ct gold plating, which is a coating of the malleable metal all purchase Fluconazole over the casing, leaving the borders. A rather similar looking option is the 18-ct solid gold one, which uses 120gms of the metal in order to give a more solid constitution.

Golden Dreams Full diamonds in rhodium and gold

The most premium of the is the Full diamond series, which shows 4,057 individually crafted diamonds set of along the casing of the phone, which could further be a whole gamut of precious metal, coupled with other gemstones.The most minimalist of the lot is the rhodium and gold options. Here, the metals form the base of the casings, on which the diamonds are then individually set. Whether its side purchase Fluoxetine buttons, rear end or the side rim, the bling is just about everywhere.

Golden Dreams Full diamonds in emarald and black diamond

This series also offers an emerald and black diamond option. In the green precious edition, there is interplay of chequered patterns of the rear end of face phone, created by placing the white diamonds and emeralds in the particular pattern. On the black diamond option, there is the interplay of black diamonds and white, to form and sperm cheap valtrex, and at all it is not necessary to eric morris valtrex, ... a similar design but a different outlay of colors.

Golden Dreams Full diamonds in red ruby and blue sapphire

Next are the rubies and sapphire edition series. Though the diamond shaped pattern is the same, the interplay of 3 days ago - 50dollarsoff as plant food products are order baclofen 10 mg . implementing this device to to to download for. generic viagra sublingual safe metals and gemstones are different. The rubies edition has small pieces of the red precious stone coupled with white diamonds, on a yellow gold base. In the case of the sapphire edition, the base metal is rhodium, whereas the same pattern of design is repeated by blue sapphires and white diamonds on the casing.

Golden Dreams Full diamonds in black

Just in case one is looking for a simpler edition, there is the black chrome edition, with white diamonds all over. Unlike the previous ones, this one doesn’t create any specific patterns of the casing of the phone. However, if there are other such options one is looking for, Luxury iPhone leather cases could be a recommended guide for leather addicts.

Via: Golden Dreams

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