Swiss company Nobline specializes in fashion and lifestyle products plated in 24 Karat gold
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Swiss company Nobline specializes in fashion and lifestyle products plated in 24 Karat gold

Swiss company Nobline specializes in fashion and lifestyle products plated in 24 Karat gold

Like King Midas, the uber-rich too have a fascination for gold embellished objects. The use of gold puts even the simplest of things into a strata of being elite; we have seen many such objects of desire, including world's first gold plated iPhone5, Devon & Devon gold leaf bathtub, Mitchell & King car wax, Dior 24-karat gold tattoos, or even the high-end Monster diamond headphones. Swiss Company Nobline, is one new entity which specializes in fashion and lifestyle associated with 24K gold products, and they certainly have their gamut full with significant innovations; from a gold mini fur jacket to gold-plated headphones, the elite manufacturer knowns how to turn everyday objects into objects of desire.

Nobile 24K gold lifestyle products

Gold Mink Fur jacket

Nobeline 24K gold mink fur jackets

Price: $650,534 (€500,000)

Plated in 24K gold, each strand of hair seen along the collar and back, has been individually coated with the precious metal. Due to the special crafting done on the jacket, they will be available in a limited edition run. Buyers would also have to wait for 3 months at a time to receive the delivery of their jacket, as that is the general time span taken to make each jacket. Buyers could also opt for other precious metals like white gold or even platinum to cover the fur strands on the jacket.

Gold Monster Inspiration headphones

Nobeline 24K gold Monster Inspiration headphones

Price: $4,551 (€3,500)

Monster Audio headphones are famous around the world for the quality sound output, and integrated technology and engineering. However, one could perhaps go the extra mile and get these 24K Gold plated Monster Inspiration headphones, if flaunting with listening to good music is the way of life. However, one would need to wait for up to 6 weeks for delivery of these headphones

Gold carbon fabrication

Gold carbon fabric could be used on cars, watches, and other gadgets of carbon fiber

Price: $23,402 (€18,000) per sq meter

If the clothes or even headphones can get embalmed in 24K gold, why leave the car aside? Though it is a lifestyle statement typically seen amongst some of the Middle-Eastern billionaires, it certainly has managed to grab eye balls from anyone who loves the 'bling' lifestyle. The gold used in this special fabric, has been adhesively pasted on the carbon fiber lining beneath, and would be most commonly used on cars as seen above. One can also choose between platinum, silicon, or chromium to create the special fabric. For designers and even consumers alike, the fabrication could be done on wall laminates or even ultra-light watch decorations.

Gold Metal Foam

Nobeline 24K gold metal foam for lamination of ceilings, walls, and floors

Price: $9,105 (€7,000) per sq meter

If looking for a wall lining, flooring covering or ceiling cover, 24K gold foam can now be used to add a midas touch to the space. The foam otherwise used, will now be laminated with 24K gold, which changes the appearance of the fabric altogether. For those looking for fancier options, there could be rose gold, silver, white gold, platinum or even chromium to choose from, but will be done on specific orders only.

However these are a few of the products in their collections. Further creativity is seen on rings, magnetic bands, and even rings made by Nobline. Founded by Gerd Mattheis in 2003, Nobline has emerged a prime designing house which uses tested surfacing technology, to ensure that the Swiss Grade of craftsmanship further walks with the times for greater perfection with it's products. This collection seems like a true depiction of their creativity.

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