Swiss engineers create high-tech 24 carat gold fabric
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Swiss engineers create high-tech 24 carat gold fabric

Swiss engineers create high-tech 24 carat gold fabric
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24 karat gold fabric by EMPA team

“Clothes Make the Man” is a mantra everyone seems to be following, especially the discerning fashionistas. For this reason the ones who have the cash to spare, do so generously in order to get the most unique and high quality fabrics for their clothes. A team of Swiss engineers have now created something that would keep this niche group of fashionistas happy, buy Levitra as the new created fabric comes with a pure gold threading, never seen before in the world.

The special variety of cloth uses technology barely known anywhere else in buy Nolvadex online amoxil order order Amoxicillin amoxicillin for sale the world. Such advanced sciences used have ensured that the final fabric is weavable, washable, and wearable too. After putting in close to 10 years of research and experimentation, the team at EMPA research institute have finally created the fabric with the finest and thinnest threads of silk, and coated that with pure gold, in order to create the actual golden fabric which we might earlier just fantasized about. Using a specialized device, a piece of gold is broken down into nanometer scaled pieces, and then brushed onto threads of the silk. After this, the fabric is created by weaving the threads together. From what we hear, washing the fabric won’t actually change the cloth in any way, and hopefully will retain the original shine.

Currently the production of the gold plated cloth has been limited, hence only select set of products have been made. This includes bow ties, pocket handkerchiefs, and full length ties.The full length tie comes with a price tag of $8,500 a piece. However, if you would like to know where gold has been used in misoprostol buy clothing, we suggest reading of our coverage on most expensive wedding dresses, which had several designs using the precious metal. Sure would have made Goldfinger proud!

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