Swiss Jeweler Shawish designs World’s First 150-Carat Single Faceted Diamond Ring
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Swiss Jeweler Shawish designs World’s First 150-Carat Single Faceted Diamond Ring

Swiss Jeweler Shawish designs World’s First 150-Carat Single Faceted Diamond Ring

If diamonds are forever, then Shawish’s 150-carat diamond masterpiece is vowed to last an eternity. Nearly a year Cheap Sildenafil ago, Geneva-based Swiss jeweler, Shawish unveiled its $70 million ‘dream’ diamond ring at Baselworld, setting the ultimate benchmark in diamond jewelry concept. The historical launch of the world's first diamond ring earned its pride of place for its design distinction. Not satisfied being on the catalog as one of the many ubiquitous ‘diamond ring’, the Shawish diamond ring design has been chiseled out from one single faceted diamond.

Shawish Diamond Ring

The passion for this extravagant jewelry piece has been rightly expressed by Mohamed Shawesh President and CEO, Shawish Jewelry. He said that creating a ring made entirely from a faceted stone might seem a fantasy but to embark on the adventure to create it dec 21, 2014 - where to phenergan price philippines buy phenergan in canada cheap phenergan buy dapoxetine online pharmacy no prescription. buy cheap serophene no prescription toronto buy,no,privacy,overnight,drugs,free  would be akin to taking the ultimate artistic challenge. The dream to create a ring from a single faceted diamond was thus born.

First 150 Carat Single Faceted Diamomd Ring

The artistry in creating this masterpiece was based on using lasers to cut through one single diamond stone which formed the crown of hydroxyzine pamoate safe for dogs atarax 500 mg buy atarax for dogs hydroxyzine pamoate 75 mg ataraxie encyclopedia metallum atarax 10 mg tabletas para ... the ring structure. Further, the same stone was chiseled uniformly to form the outer circle that actually goes around the finger creating the ring in its entirety!

150 carat Diamond Ring by Shawish

Diamonds are known to have a unique molecular structure that can be cheap, buy valtrex online no prescription, buy generic valtrex ... buy cheap Viagra tampered in the process of cutting, chiseling or even polishing the stone. The marketability of a diamond jewelry piece rests on its cent per purity and flawlessness. Shawish’s attempt thus marks a bold step in creating the almost impossible 150-carat diamond dream piece.

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Jewelry connoisseurs have consented to the misoprostol online unique design and claim that the use of lasers did not in any way compromise on the integrity of this singe-cut diamond extravaganza. With the launch of it’s unique ring creation, Shawish’s revolutionary design exemplifies its artistic depth, technical know-how that created a new edge within the diamond jewelry trade in 2011.

Shawish 150 carat Diamond Ring

Shawish’s year-long arduous journey in creating the 150 carat ring variant was told at a specially organized glitterati rendezvous in London. The 3D animated story unfolded Shawish’s quest in securing copyright for its all-diamond ring design that is said to have been crafted with prime precision without tampering the quality of the precious rock!

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