Symbol Audio Hi-Fi Console is for design lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 24, 2012

In the recent times, with the advent of furniture items like CSL sofas with built-in iPod dock and the Natuzzi’s Surround sofa; we witnessed a trend where audio equipments were rather becoming invisible in the homes. Now, the Symbol Audio, a company with a strong background in furniture design is hoping to reverse this trend with its collection of Hi-Fi consoles; the Modern Record Console, LP Storage Cabinet and Tabltetop HIFI, that adds more than just aesthetic value to your living rooms. Bringing together time honored analog electronics with digital technology to deliver audiophiles the enriching sound, the handcrafted modern audio Hi-Fi consoles truly builds the connection between the listener and their music.

Symbol Audio Modern Record Console

Designed by Blake Towin and Matt Richmond to provide distinctive audio products for the quality and design oriented consumer, the collection is described to be a singular alternative to impersonal mass produced consumer electronics and storage cabinet options currently available.

Symbol Audio Modern Record Console

Modern Record Console, the flagship of the Symbol Audio line of consoles pays homage to ‘all in one’ hi-fi consoles of the 1950’s. Each of the cabinet has been individually crafted in the tradition of fine bench-made4 furniture from solid American walnut, and the sculptural metal base is constructed from ¼” plate steel and hand patinated to create warm natural finish.

Symbol Audio Modern Record Console

However, the design is only the one half of the story. Once the user will lift the console lid, he’ll witness the hand-built tube amplifier and turntable set into patinated steel plates.

Symbol Audio Modern Record Console

The hand-wired tube amplifier, designed and built by the Symbol Audio’s experienced engineers deliver pure signal to the 6.5” full range speakers. Also, placed out of view, there’s a dedicated subwoofer and amplifier that extends the low end frequency, providing added richness to the sound quality. Further, the built-in turntable has a carbon fiber tonearm which is fitted with a Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge for playing vinyl.

Symbol Audio Modern Record Console

And, for streaming digital music, user just has to switch the selector from turntable to Wi-Fi. Also, one the built-in wireless router helps stream from any digital source and enables the users to control music selections from the digital devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone or computer.

Whereas, the LP Storage Cabinet series reflects the special place vinyl records hold for the design-savvy collector who takes their music as seriously as their furnishing.

LP Storage Cabinet series

And, the Tabletop HIFI delivers an extremely rich high-fidelity sound in a small footprint.

Symbol Audio Tabletop HIFI

Via: SymbolAudio / Gizmodo

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