Tabbert Paganini – The limousine of caravan world

Andrea Divirgilio / September 5, 2008

tabbert paganini 4kKHS 5784
It is generalized that the key to inexpensive holidays is to go caravanning. Possessing a caravan of your own can grants relief from other expenses like transporting, lodging and eating out. However, caravanning holidays can live or die by the quality of the caravan you ride in. If you do intend to travel in style even as you stay put on the roads then the Tabbert Paganini is the finest alternative. A luxurious well-designed mansion on wheels allows you to move about like a king. Sporting an imposing exterior form, the pleasure doubles up with exquisitely detailed interiors. Unobtrusive stainless steel veins in the top cabinets, and the table with real wood edge are visible and tangible proof of highest quality.

The bedroom decor will wake you up to the five-star standards. Chances are bright that you will have to look out of the window to affirm that you are living in a caravan.

The champagne-colored furniture decor emphasizes the elegant ambiance of the kitchen. Also, the three-burner Spinflo cooker with glass panel and a 189 liter refrigerator will allow you to stock up on the provisions and cook on demand. The spacious round shower with illuminated ceiling caters to your bathing whims.

Indirect lighting in the circumferential ceiling panels, elegant LED spots, and reading lamps at the seat group and in the bedroom provide lighting in perfect harmony.

And before we take this caravan’s leave, you also have a choice to throw a few smart leather cushions that act as “cherry on icing.” Stretching over 28 feet, you can sit behind the wheel of this five-star caravan for €37,000 ($55,000). Excuse me for starting my post with the idea that caravanning can be inexpensive.

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