TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum & MikroPendulumS debut at Baselworld 2013
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TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum & MikroPendulumS debut at Baselworld 2013

TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum & MikroPendulumS debut at Baselworld 2013

Tag Heuer had presented the MikroTourbillonS as a concept watch last year, but it has gone ahead to further work with the horological engineering, and create the MikroPendulum watch for the Baselworld 2013 event. With work done by a 25-member team of scientists, engineers and designers from Tag Heuer's Haute Horologie workshop, it took nearly one decade to master this watch's tourbillon movement, which is the world's first magnet driven 100th of a second chronograph, and the first ever double magnetic tourbillon movement. In fact in 2012, the Carrera MikroPendulum watch was introduced as a concept timepiece with double chains, dual frequency, double barreled, and a double tourbillon chronograph, by far the most accurate and fastest tourbillon ever made. However, the company which made Mikrotimer Flying 1000 and the Monaco V4 series watches, is going to highlight one of it's finest creations at the Baselworld 2013 event.

Tag Heuer MikroPendulum watch with the first pendulum based design instead of traditional hairspring

The Carrera Mikropendulum is actually the name derived from the core movement which happens to the first based on a magnetic pendulum instead of the traditional hairspring design, which has been the trend for over 300 years of watchmaking. The COSC certified innovation, mainly curtails the problem that the effect of gravity on the hairspring movement, which reduces the accuracy of timekeeping of the watch. However, with the magnetic pendulum the loss of amplitude is dealt with precision. But then came, the issue of different thermal conditions, whereby the metals and other fabrication used in the watches' core movement behaved differently under different weather conditions. Hence, the team Tag Heuer at worked on creating the best possible combination, which has manifested itself in form of the MikroPendulum S watch.

Tag Heuer MikroPendulum watch caseback with the markings of it's rare pedigree

The casing on the MikroPendulumS is a sandblasted 45mm wide, chrome and cobalt alloy structure, which is covered with a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal cover. Half of the dial space is covered by a gray anthracite brush finished plate, which is housed just above the rose gold bridges of the dual pendulum movement. There is 100th of a second tracking meter, seconds counter, power reserve counter, and minute tracker.

Tag Heuer MikroPendulum S Watch with rose hands and bridges

All of these counters along with the bridges have the common use of 18K rose gold, where even the hands show a distinct contrast with the thin crafted design from the particular kind of gold. The wrist strap is gray hand-stitched anthracite alligator leather.

Tag Heuer MikroPendulum S Watch side view

Via: Watch U Seek/ Cool Hunting

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