Tangram Audax 130 superyacht comes with modern sporty design
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Tangram Audax 130 superyacht comes with modern sporty design

Tangram Audax 130 superyacht comes with modern sporty design

The Audax 130 superyacht

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When Schopfer Yachts was created, it came with a singular objective of combining aero dynamicity with designing creativity to construct modern luxury nov 1, 2014 - baclofen generic australia baclofen mail order. which uk site to buy baclofen . baclofen 10 street price . buy liquid baclofen . buy baclofen 10mg Dapoxetine online sporting yachts. We had earlier shown you such an example in the Audax yacht, and now it will be the Audax 130 that will bring in the sporty theme along with technology for the adventurous cruises at sea.

On a closer look at the yacht, one can notice the obvious streamlined hull, which captures the energy of the ocean at its best. The well-rounded corners and muted lines lend the obvious aesthetic appeal on the outside. The credit for it goes to E. Kevin Schopfer, who has also lent his expertise for the interior aesthetics. The naval architects are the team from Sparkman & Stephens. The lowest deck is from where you gain access to this 130-foot long yacht’s interiors and open areas, and also happens to be the place where the water scooters are parked inside the hull. The deck above this has the large open sun-bathing area, and also the dining, lounge and pilot cockpit area. The lounge and dining spaces have curved large glass panel windows, which let in plenty of sunlight, and sport white curved finishing all around. The upper most deck is where the 4 luxury suites are, which can accommodate 4 guests and additional ones for the crew members. There is also another smaller private balcony on the uppermost deck.

The back of the yacht has the isotretinoin online area from where you can indulge yourself in water sports, fishing and snorkeling by occupying the sky blue staircases. The engine of the boat is a twin format diesel MTU engine, which generates a top speed of 30 knots for the yacht. However, experts would testify that 21 knots would give you the optimum experience. The capacity of the fuel tank stands at around 3710 liters.

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