Teckell Collection – Foosball goes Glassy & Classy with Crystal Casing

Andrea Divirgilio / May 28, 2008

teckell 1 TjSPP 59
Table Football or more familiarly, Foosball isn’t that expensive a game compared to the tangible version. They don’t buy or sell players, you don’t even need a ticket to watch them play, and all that you need is a table. But even then, the opulence factor from the real world is seemingly hitting hard on the fictional world with the introduction of the crystal foosball tables from Teckell Collection. The opulence truly is well defined in this case as even the foos-men aren’t the ones conventionally done in plastic, metal or wood and they instead chose to be done in radiant aluminum. All this arrangement of posh metal usage arguably makes it the most expensive foosball table in the world. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, but you could expect a stocky price tag attached to these crystal foosball tables for sure. In case you didn’t like this one, check out the Beautiful Game and the very high-tech Toto Treme Terra foosball table.

via Gizmodo / Product Page

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