Teckell unveils Cristallino GOLD football table with 24-carat gold plated accessories

Andrea Divirgilio / April 13, 2012

Teckell’s football tables are meant for the connoisseurs. Born from the exploration of unpredictable emotions and the masterful research of the Italian designers, Teckell has given new life to the table football game, and introduced it as an elegant design piece in formal living rooms. B.labs and Adriano Design studio has earlier astonished us many a times with their excellent Italian craftsmanship reflected in its designer football tables; the Glassy & Classy with crystal casing and Krystall Teckell with its elegant statuettes in aluminum and diamond like transparency. Continuing to deliver the most precious gaming commodity for the luxurious living rooms, Teckel has unveiled its limited edition Cristallino Gold LE football table with 24-carat gold plated accessory, as part of its new Teckell Calcio Balilla Collection.

Cristallino GOLD LE

Using the sophisticated technology, Cristallino GOLD LE is constructed with crystal glass and aluminum, and each of the table has been crafted by skilled Italian artisans. Its impressive and sophisticated design along with quality construction makes it a unique piece of art. Cristallino GOLD LE is the perfect representation of the blend between the elegance of gold and the iconic perfection of the Teckell table series.

Cristallino GOLD LE

Exclusively embellished with 24-carat gold plated accessories, the Cristallino GOLD LE is among the most coveted football table of the entire new Teckell Calcio Balilla Collection. This numbered and limited series is available in only 50 examples.

Cristallino GOLD LE

The table’s player field is in crystal, in transparent black color, and the players, accessories and handles are in 24k gold and nickel. Weighing 142kg, the Cristallino GOLD LE has diamond shape case in low iron crystal glass.

Cristallino GOLD LE

Other notable football tables in the collection includes the Angolo, centropiede and Intervallo, the one doubling as a small coffee table.

Combining the classic form of Teckell and the beauty of walnut, Angolo is an elegant and warm addition to the table series. Weighing 98kg, the Angolo’s handles and table legs are made of wood, and it also has diamond shape case in low iron crystal glass along with adjustable feet for leveling the table.


The table Intervallo is described as perfect for any home’s formal living spaces. Also doubling as a coffee table, Intervallo revolutionizes the thinking of standard home furnishings with its unusual, fun but elegant shape.


Weighing 48kg, the Intervallo’s table legs and handles are made of wood, and it also has diamond shape case in low iron crystal glass along with adjustable feet for leveling the table.


Contropiede is an elegant looking modern football table which is made to amaze and enchant everyone who sets their eyes on it. The Contropiede WOOD is also available in one unique version; solid walnut features together with the transparency crystal playing field highlight this exclusive table.


Via: Teckell / GearPatrol

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