Tee off, right at home with the Eball Golf Simulator

Andrea Divirgilio / May 28, 2008

e ball zk8hm 15699Not everyone has the time and patience to drive down to the golf greens to tee off. So, how about a round of golf right in your lawn or even your basement? No, we aren’t talking about some stupid golf game on the Xbox or Playstation but we are certainly talking about the E Ball’s Golf Simulator. This golf Simulator comes in two garbs, an inflatable outdoor version or the permanent version that you might like to have in you basement. Coming to the golfing bit, you have a huge screen in front of you which projects very realistic images of golf courses across the world. The Simulator has ball sensors which will measure your tee even as you swing your real golf club, and then project the golf ball sailing across the virtual golf course. Thus, you can indulge in a relaxing round of golf right at home or even hone your driving skills. No words on pricing, but that won’t be cheap, we know.

via EballGames

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