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Tempe Center for the Arts to get a $275,000 custom-made grand piano

Andrea Divirgilio / May 25, 2011

ravenscroft piano for tempe center for the arts
Michael Spreeman, founder of Spreeman Piano Innovations, is renowned for making custom Ravenscroft pianos that take years to build. One of the world’s few custom piano makers, Michael Spreeman is currently making a $275,000 custom-made piano for the Tempe Center for the Arts. The Ravenscroft Piano is one of the few ever made and the first of its kind in a performance venue. The 9-foot, 1,200-pound Ravenscroft 275 grand piano is being built in his Scottsdale studio.

Scheduled for August 1 launch, this grand piano will take 1,000 hours of labor to complete. Spreeman has said that the piano is being made with the art center’s acoustics in mind. To make sure of the same, he has even loaned a prototype to the venue for the artists to try their hands on.

The piano’s wood and parts have been imported from different parts of the world and then handcrafted in Spreeman’s Scottsdale studio. Many piano parts use titanium instead of less expensive metals. Spreeman further says…

Although our sound is very clean and pure, it’s also very complex. There are a lot of different harmonies going on.

Gail Fisher, a member and founder of the Friends of the TCA, said…

The artists recognize this is an uber piano. It’s so easy to play. It feels so good when you put your hands down on the keys and the sound is so luscious.

Back in 1992, famous jazz musician and composer Bob Ravenscroft commissioned Spreeman to locate, redesign and rebuild a decommissioned grand piano. This was when Spreeman decided to create his own line of instruments. Later, he started the company in 2004 and named it in honor of Ravenscroft. Ravenscroft and his wife Gretchen, of Scottsdale, are donating the grand piano to the arts center.

Via: East Valley Tribune

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