Tesla Roadster
Tesla Roadster | $ 100,000
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Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

As we wait with bated breath for the next gen cars, Tesla Roadster is ready to touch the road by 22 nd June. The countdown has begun and the reason why it is causing such excitement is because it is an incredible car. First of all, it is an electric car which is the future concept of all cars. Secondly the manufacturers have made it a uniquely innovative experience for the customer. The third reason is that it looks heavenly and out of this world. Don't loose an opportunity to at least feast your eyes on it.


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Tesla Electric has a very innovative Design Studio that helps to configure the interiors, online with the price tag. For instance one can choose the Nappa leather/ carbon fiber interiors with options of Piano Black, Banana Leaf or Lacewood decor, or can even opt for a glass roof that can give you a spectacular view. The four seater car can have an additional row of seats with the rear rolled back. All this comes with the latest stereo system, touchscreen gaming, turn-by-turn navigation, satellite radio without the ugly antenna, universal mobile connector, steering wheel and instrument panel of course!


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The Tesla manufacturers take great pride in building the car from scratch. From the steel reinforced Aluminium rolls to the final painted body panels that are assembled, it is fully automated and not outsourced at any point. The online configuration allows you to choose from 13 fantastic colours. The 19" wheels fitted with hi-performance tires and trimmings of carbon fiber and leather makes this low slung car a very futuristic sporty car.

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