Teti Malachite Baldi Bath Tub – Insanely expensive!

Andrea Divirgilio / September 21, 2007

teti malachite baldi bath tub

So, how much did you spend on your Bath tub? Obviously, not more than $100K. But, the Teti Malachite Baldi Bath Tub asks for your hard earned £111,000 ($222,000). The material used in the making is malachite and the color is also the same. The bath tub has been given the shape of a boat that sits on a sturdy collection of 24 carat gold feet.

For such a stocky price, you could get yourself a luxury sports car. Anyway, the Teti Malachite Baldi bath tub would look fabulous in your palace-like home.

via IonicGifts

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