Thailand’s Anantara hotels brews Elephant Dung Coffee for $50 a Cup
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Thailand’s Anantara hotels brews Elephant Dung Coffee for $50 a Cup

Thailand’s Anantara hotels brews Elephant Dung Coffee for $50 a Cup

The very idea of creating tastier coffee from the protein-broken coffee beans excreted by animals isn't new. As we have earlier seen the kopi luwak coffee, a Southeast Asian brew made from sweet red coffee cherries passed through the digestive tract of an Asian palm civet, which was earlier thought to be the world’s most expensive coffee at a price of $600 a pound, when unveiled back in 2010. And, now the Thailand’s Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas properties are offering one of the world’s most expensive coffee, $1,100 for a kilogram made with beans popped-out by Thai elephants. Impressively dubbed as ‘Black Ivory Coffee, it’s a speciality brew made with beans digested and ‘naturally refined’ by elephants at the hotel group’s huge elephant camp situated behind its Golden Triangle resort.

Most expensive Black Ivory Coffee brewed by Thai Elephants

Black Ivory Coffee has been based on the research which indicates that during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant breaks down coffee protein, which is actually one of the main factors responsible for bitterness in coffee.

The interesting process of creating the Black Ivory Coffee begins with the selection of top Thai Arabica cherries picked from an altitude of over 1,500 meters. The elephants willingly eat them, before they are digested for the coffee-protein breakdown, and then popped-out.

Then, the individual coffee beans are hand-picked by camp’s elephant trainers, and then dried in sun. And, the coffee refinement takes place at Anantara’s Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, which has so far rescued 30 street elephants along with their mahouts and families.

Only about 50 kilograms of this elephant coffee is available for sale, with each one costing $1,100 a kilogram or $50 a cup to the coffee connoisseurs. Anantara guests who order a cup of Black Ivory coffee will also get to see the coffee brewing process by themselves.

Notably, 8% of the coffee sales will be donated to GTAEF.

Chinese man makes world's most expensive tea using panda poo

And for the true tea connoisseurs, a Chinese wildlife expert An Yanshi created the world’s most expensive tea made from the Panda excretion. Renowned for being the first tea from an animal excretion, this $69,000 per pound tea from Panda poo also have medical benefits and can act as cure for ailments like cancer.

Via: Anantara/ CNNGo

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