The $1 million Grand Enigma speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 11, 2007

grand enigma 48

The uber-rich audiophiles out there have already come across the $13,500 Vivid Audio B1 Loudspeakers , $21,800 Signature Diamond speakers, Cabasse’s $24K Karissima speakers, and the Cabesse $150,000 La Sphere speakers. Now, what about a pair of speakers for a whopping one million dollars? Sounds crazy! Come, meet Grand Enigma that tops the long list of the world’s most expensive speakers. The luxury speakers have been designed by Netherlands-based Kharma in a huge cellar in Belgium. I don’t think that the features even matter at such a stocky price. I wish I had lots and pots of money to own this cool $1 million set of speakers.

via Blog.scifi

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