The $10 million bunker invites doomsday believers in utmost luxury

Andrea Divirgilio / April 14, 2010

doomsday vivos bunker

While the doomsday predictions and prophecies would always remain subject to scrutiny and mockery alike, there would always be people to believe that it’s coming our way. So to side with the believers, a California based company called Vivos has created a $10 million “luxury” bunker to survive the devastating catastrophe, terrorist or nuclear attacks of the future. Equipped with its own power generation, food supply, water wells, filtration systems, security devices and medical equipment, this underground bunker would accommodate a community of 200 people for up to one year. This hardened and nuclear blast proof, underground shelter would be your last resort when the countdown to destruction hits our doorsteps. Well, not bad for rest of the world to live with the lingering fear.

Check out the video after the jump:

Via: Luxury Insider/Terra Vivos

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