The $100,000 iPhone!

Andrea Divirgilio / July 10, 2007

iphone auction 48

Did you ever think the Apple’s iPhone would sell for a whopping $100,000? Has the consumerism gone nuts? Not really. At a ‘Keep a child Alive auction,’ an anonymous bidder pledged a sum of $100,000 for an iPhone. This one is not studded with crystals or any blingy material like we saw with the Jesus phone. So, what’s so unique about this $100,000 iPhone? Well, it’s the first iPhone sold from the Apple Soho store in New York. Brought by film director Spike Lee, it comes with two Jawbone headsets, a couple of US flights, a specially recorded celebrity voicemail message. The coolest fact is that it will be presented by Alicia Keys at the VIP Black Ball. The proceedings will go to the charity Keep a Child Alive to subsidize drugs for kids dying from AIDS in Africa.

via Stuff.TV

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