The 1894-S dime worth $1.9 million and a secret journey

Andrea Divirgilio / July 28, 2007

1894 s dime

Coin collectors are, in no case, going to miss this news. A rare coins dealer named John Feigenbaum traveled across country to deliver one coin to an investor. He said that he didn’t sleep and eat all the way. If I was at his place, I would have done the same, the reason being the person was carrying a dime worth $1.9 million in his pocket. It’s the most expensive dime in the history of dimes ever to pass through San Jose. It’s an 1894-S dime, which is one of only nine known to survive, and one of only 24 known to be minted that year in San Francisco. The seller of the historical dime is Oakland businessman Daniel Rosenthal while the buyer of the unique thing doesn’t want to disclose his identity. Anyway, the buyer did say that he bought the dime simply as an investment and will not spend it, as there is nothing to buy in New York for 10 cents. Interestingly, Feigenbaum doesn’t know how the dime looks like. All he could say was ‘It’s the Holy Grail of coins. But Liberty, how can I say it, she’s not the prettiest. Actually, it’s considered an ugly coin. Sometimes, ugliness can be attractive.’

via Sfgate

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