The $2,000 McIntosh MCLK12 wall clock

Andrea Divirgilio / January 11, 2011

mcintosh wall clock

McIntosh is a name quite famous with high-end audiophiles. The renowned house has already impressed us with the ultra-luxury home entertainment solutions like the $15,000 Classic System and the standalone $7,500 McIntosh Integrated Tabletop Audio System. This time, they are back with a wall clock that truly goes with the company’s tradition. The MCLK12 wall clock, priced at $2,000, makes use of the glass front faceplate and the dual analog gauges.

While the two gauges on a normal power amp from the firm show the watts coming out of each channel, the case is different for the wall clock. The left meter shows the hours and the right one gives you the minutes. The McIntosh MCLK12 wall clock, which looks like an amp, is sure to add some retro zing to your wall for a price.

Via: Dvice/Geeky-Gadgets/Technabob

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