The 2013 BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe
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The 2013 BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe

The 2013 BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe

The 2013 BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe Concept

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 Whenever a BMW concept is unveiled, it is a guarantee that the model will evoke a grand reaction. Some of that finesse was last seen in concept cars like the Vision Connect Drive and 328 Hommage editions which were a testament to the outstanding craftsmanship of the German automaker. BMW has now tied up with Pininfarina to manufacture the Gran Lusso Coupe concept, which is set to be showcased at the at Villa d’Estate Concourso d’Eleganza 2013. Pininfarina is the celebrated design studio, which has earned the rare distinction of creating some of the finest car designs in association with marquees like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Hence, it was but obvious that BMW wished to race along fast, more so because of its penchant for manufacturing state-of-the-art cars for its exclusive and profoundly pampered client base.

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Engine Specs

BMW is yet to release detailed information on the technical information on the engine and power credentials for the Gran Lusso Coupe concept. However, industry sources speculate that the new concept car will be endowed with a V-12 twin turbo 6.0-litered engine, which shall dish out a massive 554 BHP of engine power. Connoisseurs of high-speed roadsters must be aware of the driving experience delivered by the current 7-series sedans. It has been also rumored that BMW’s flagship 8 series which was flagged off for unspecified reasons in early 2000 might get a revival through the unveiling of the Gran Lusso Concept.

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The console in the new Gran Lusso Concept is indeed driver centric and boasts of having expensive whole wood leathered upholstery, including the addition of antique Kauri woods that are sourced from pre-historic swamps in New Zealand and can be carved and polished like fresh timber. Its natural granules have a glistening quality about them, meaning that the wood ostensibly changes color as light hits it from different angles. The entire cabin has been given finishing touches from a single piece of Kauri wood to make sure that the particle engraved has a perfect color match. Customized with Kauri wood is leather upholstery from Foglizzo in tobacco and black embellishing the four seats and a hand-stitched roof liner of the premium unadulterated Italian wool.

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The splendor in sculpted metallic framework on the black-above-chrome stiletto modeled wheels is an authentic wow concept car, a visualization of the future instead of being a simple design edifice. The Gran Lusso concept’s exterior dimensions closely resemble the current lot of BMW 7-series sedan. It stretches 197.4 inches in overall length, has a width of 76.5 inches, is 55.4 inches tall, and drives on a wheelbase of 119.2 inches. What these figures do not reveal in full detail are the comfortable proportions, the piercingly straight coiled water-lines, the skillfully sculpted roof, the withered windows and the unabridged sky-light glasses. The Gran Lusso is plainly not just a bigger version of the BMW 6-series coupe. Instead, the alliance with Pininfarina has resulted in evolutionary design cues. While erstwhile design collaborator Zagato is known for its inconspicuous, roughly perfunctory design, Pininfarina's ideas are simple and untainted in addition to being sumptuous. The result is a distinct blend of German accuracy and Italian sensation.

Facts of the 2013 BMW Gran Lusso Coupe concept

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    Industry circles speculate that the Gran Lusso Coupe concept is BMW’s answer to yet-to-be revealed Mercedes S-class coupe and Audi A9

  • The Gran Lusso Coupe is closer in resemblance to the current crop of 7-series models both in design and technical cues

  • The 4-seat coupe shall feature a low-roofline and a highly powerful turbocharged V12 engine along with a whopping 554 BHP of engine strength, which is aimed at matching the performance ratings of a Bentley Continental GT or a Porsche Panamera

  • BMW’s association with Pininfarina marks the second innings of the carmaker’s association with Italian designers, the first being the doomed association with Lamborghini

  • The 2013 Villa d’Estate Concourso d’Eleganza launch of the Gran Lusso Concept is also rumored to be a marketing ploy to elicit industry opinion for revival plans of the previously scrapped BMW 8-series

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