The 5 Highest Paid CEOs of 2013
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The 5 Highest Paid CEOs of 2013

The 5 Highest Paid CEOs of 2013
  This year is witness to a new fleet of CEOs who have managed to make it to the top five list- thanks to the pay rise which has made their annual compensations increase in a big way.  A lot of surprises are there when you start compiling the list of the highest-paid top executives, particularly so because the economy is improving and CEOs end up with phenomenal perks and other luxuries apart from bonuses and stock options over and above their base salaries.  Here are the top five corporate honchos who have the highest salaries in the world this year:
  1. 1.      Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle
The CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison has an annual compensation package of a whopping $96.2 million which makes him sit on the number one position for the highest paid CEO in the world.  He has a cash compensation worth $5.5 million and stock and options worth $90.7 million with an annual hike in total worth at around 24%
  1. 2.     Richard M. Bracken, CEO HCA
Richard M. Bracken, the founder of the Hospital Corporation of America, known as the HCA, is the largest private provider/operator of healthcare facilities in the world.  He has a net worth of $38.6 million out of which $26.7 million is in the form of cash compensation whereas another $11.8 million are in the form of stock and options.
  1. 3.     Bob Iger, CEO Walt Disney
Bob Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney, is on the number three position and has a net worth of $37.1 million.  He receives an annual cash compensation of $19.8 million with another $17.3 million towards stock and options.  His annual increment is at the rate of 18%.
  1. 4.     Mark G. Parker, CEO Nike
Nike is doing great business and this is perhaps what has placed Mark G. Parker in the top five list of the highest paid CEOs in the world.  Parker’s net worth is $35.2 million which is split into cash compensation worth $8.1 million and stock and options worth $27.1 million.  However, what is astounding is the fact that his annual compensation has seen a growth of a whopping 219%!
  1. 5.     Philippe P. Dauman, CEO Viacom
Viacom’s CEO, Philippe P. Dauman is the fifth in the top five list with an annual net worth of $33.4 million, despite a 22% reduction in his cash compensation that comes to $15.3 million.  He has stock and options worth $18.1 million.  
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