The All-in-One Wall Mounted Aquarium

Andrea Divirgilio / October 16, 2006

wall mounted aquarium 12
The compact the furniture is, the prettier it looks, and gives your home a more spacious feel. And, after the modern-styled, wall-mounted fireplaces, the trend picks-up with the traditional sitting aquariums to wall-mounted aquariums that looks as chic as wall-mounted plasma panels. Remember, we have earlier also told you about a few elegant wall-mounted aquariums. And, the cutting edge designs from Aussie Aquariums will add more options to the list. These wall mounted aquariums present the image and dimensions of a hanging plasma style television and are an amazing conversation piece and a great space-saving addition to any room. The aquariums include an innovative multi-function submersible water filter, custom fit lighting fixture, pre-cut glass lid, a variety of colorful marine backgrounds, mounting brackets with hardware and all the basics including a fish net, siphon cleaner and grabber tongs. The wall-mounted aquariums are available in a range of models from Panaromic flat-screen plasma like model to unique Porthole round-shaped aquarium. And, the price range varies from $250 to $1,000.

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