The art nouveau-styled wooden bike: Reinventing the wheel

Andrea Divirgilio / March 16, 2011

art veil1
Pliny the Younger designers have literally reinvented the wheel with their Art-Veil bike, the most gorgeous wooden bike ever! The art nouveau-styled bike is one of the highlights of Pliny the Younger, a handmade wood collection of furniture, made from the ancient technique of waterproof treatment with linseed oil for the 2011 Fuorisalone. Art-Veil, built by designer Lorenzo Boni and Mario Prandina, features the circles in wood to get all the eyes rolling. The ethical and ecological design continues the designer trio’s (Prandina Mario, Lorenzo Boni Frederick and Bellucci) tradition of preserving the world of wood with eclectic and creative designs.

Via: InteriorDesign/Pliny the Younger

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