The Cocoon – The Luxurious & Self-Decomposing Coffin

Andrea Divirgilio / August 30, 2006

self decomposing coffin

You would hate yourself for reading this and even more for loving it, but this designer coffin is a design that will revolutionize the coffin industry. The coffin designer, Andreas Spiegel struck with this revolutionary idea at the fateful time of burying his father, when he took note of the fact that the vast majority of coffins are rectangular, heavy and heavily ornate, which inspired him to the extent that he switched streams from management consultant to a professional coffin maker. The Cocoon is an ovoid shaped box made out of natural materials like soy-based resin and jute-lining and finished with high-gloss varnish, which unlike traditional coffins, will decompose 10-15 years after being placed into the ground. Apart from the selection of premium quality materials, the designer coffin features high-class workmanship too. The aesthetic design is available in fourteen colors along and haute-couture finish with silk-lining over the jute-finish. The environment-friendly coffin comes for a designer price tag of $3,500.

via CoolHunting / Luxist

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