The Embraer Phenom 300: Luxury & thrill in the air
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The Embraer Phenom 300: Luxury & thrill in the air

The Embraer Phenom 300: Luxury & thrill in the air

Phenom 300 interiors

If the words from Howie Martin are to be believed, the new Embraer Phenom 300 has been characterized with the
exact words “Most fun with your clothes on.” Going by those words, the aircraft is stated to be the next benchmark in luxurious and entertainment flying.

Howard Martin, who has raked in $1 million for 100 flight-hours in a year on this aircraft, defines it as an
exemplary model when it comes to adventure and luxury. Mentionable amenities aboard the aircraft include Wi-Fi internet, satellite phones, LED lighting, burl wood trim, and a state of the art radar system which has the capacity to gauge weather conditions 2000 miles away from the aircraft! Also, airplanes of this kind are known to be extremely inefficient when it comes to carbon emissions, but the Phenom 300 has an engine which reduces those emissions, and also reduces fuel costs due to the high efficiency. The maximum speed of the plane is
525 mph, and it has a total range of 23,000 miles. What makes journeys more comfortable is the ear-popping altitude of 45,000 feet, at which this jet takes flight, eliminating all obstacles faced by general commercial flights.

Mr. Martin, who is one of the main co-owners of this jet, had purchased his share through a company called Flight Options, which deals with shares of the Phenom 300. This method, which is new in business circles, has ensured that the cost of running aircrafts doesn’t have
to be borne by a single owner alone, but still gives each part-owner the right to hire and enjoy the opportunity of traveling in the plane. Currently, the minimum share of the Embrarer Phenom 300 is worth $525,000, which gives the purchaser 50 flying hours a year of rights, and the volume goes up as more is shelled out. As most others have mentioned, the investments are worthwhile, as the aircraft comes with a price tag of $ 8.6 million.

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