The fascinating Wisdom Audio Sage Series Speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / February 28, 2008

sage series speakers
With a stunning new shape to show off, the latest line of biamplified magnetic hybrid speakers from Wisdom Audio’s Sage Series truly fascinate with their thin film drivers allowing minimalist enclosure designs. Wisdom’s high operating pressure woofers handle the lower end of music reproduction to perfection while the five different models available in the series landscape your living space with wall-in, on-wall or freestanding loudspeaker units that are as short as 20” and as tall as 95”. Using neodymium magnets to drastically upgrade their planer magnetic technology, the system delivers higher sensitivity without mammoth amps powering the speakers which are handled by the SC-1 System Controller that provides active electronic crossovers and Audyssey’s MultEQ XT audio correction providing total control. A multi-channel high-output boosts the ICEPower amplifiers that enhance the loudspeaker’s performance manifold. Starting at $2, 250, the larger models in the Sage Series retails for upto $8000 with the amps retailing between $3,500 and $6000. The complete range of the Wisdom Audio Sage Series Speakers is expected to hit the stores by end of April this year.


via AudioJunkies

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